Ventilation louvres are used to protect and screen valuable plant room or rooftop equipment in commercial or industrial buildings.

High Protection – Low Air Resistance

We have a range of ventilation profiles to suit the full range of weather, security and free-air requirements. The extruded aluminium louvre blades have a standard spacing to allow 50% free air flow.

From the smooth & streamlined single stage Konrod Weather|Series louvre through to the Conjoin|Series two-stage storm louvre, these extruded aluminium profiles are designed to provides the optimum mix of water resistance and air infiltration.

Easy to Install

They can be incorporated into access doors, supplied as complete panels or provided in a knock-down form which can be easily installed or retro-fitted using the easy snap-together fittings.


New Cyclone | Series
flat-pack ventilation system

Versatile and easy to assemble flat-pack ventilation panels…

QS Industries Cyclone | Series flat-pack ventilation is a lightweight, easy to assemble and provides an inexpensive ventilation solution ideal for our rural Australian conditions.

Made from die-punched & roll-formed steel, it is lightweight, inexpensive, rodent proof, cyclone rated, profiled for a 42% free-air rating and is self supporting to widths of 3.0m.

This product is ideally suited to shearing sheds, underfloor ventilation for raised housing or industrial applications.

The clever 3-dimensional design makes for easy alignment & installation, as the main profile locks together in such a way as to be virtually self-supporting until final riveting or tek-screwing has been completed. There is no fiddly measuring, marking, squaring or clamping required! Cyclone | Series flat-pack ventilation panels are available in a range of standard size formats, in both Zincalume or Colorbond powdercoat colours.

QS Industries Cyclone | Series flat-pack ventilation panels are supplied with blades, side channels and head channel, and are available in the following standard sizes.

600mm Wide 600(w) x 600(h)
900mm Wide 900(w) x 1200(h) 900(w) x 1800(h) 900(w) x 2400(h)
1200mm Wide 1200(w) x 1200(h) 1200(w) x 1800(h) 1200(w) x 2400(h)

Ventilation | Series Possibilities

Single Stage Ventilation Screening

Single stage weather ventilation systems such as Konrod|series louvres are ideal for roof-top or service area screening. Maintaining effective through-air capacity, they minimise the impact of gusting and provide protection & visual relief for air-conditioning or plant facilities.

Access Doors and Facade Treatment

We can supply a full range of access & plant room panels utilising our ventilation profiles, to match larger project specifications. With a wide variety of powder coat or anodised finishes available these doors can be colour coded to suit a range of modern palettes.

Two-Stage Storm Louvres

Providing a high degree of weather protection with maximum through-air capacity, two stage louvres such as the Konjoin|series can be manufactured as complete panels, built into service access doors or installed on-site from supplied kits.