Welcome to the new year, and the first QS Industries Project Showcase for 2017. We begin by heading to a huge growth area in Sydney’s south west – Gregory Hills…

The area around Gregory Hills in Sydney’s south west is a huge area of housing growth. Any green field development of this scale requires a whole range of supporting facilities such as schools, parks and retail. Into this setting enters the premium semi-combined automotive showrooms of MacArthur Lexus & Clinton’s Toyota.

Two variations of fixed elliptical louvres are used to create clean lines and effective shading over the expansive glazing in both facilities. In the north west facing Toyota showroom, wide 200/40 Hixson | Series louvres are used, while the north easterly facing Lexus showroom uses the narrower 91/21 Terrace | Series profile.

A large vertical installation of operable Hixson | Series elliptical louvres is also used to create a private yet versatile alfresco entertaining area for both staff & clients. Facing south west and accessible internally from the mezzanine, this area is ideal for enjoying & managing both the morning sun or late afternoon breeze.


Hixson | Series 200/40 Aluminium Elliptical Louvres
Colour Natural Anodised.

Terrace | Series 91/21 Aluminium Elliptical Louvres
Colour Natural Anodised.


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