Extreme temperatures have driven this striking industrial building development in central west NSW

The IME Building, situated in the central western town of Molong, suffered all of the temperature control issues prevalent to other industrial buildings in the region. With daytime temperatures ranging from single digits in winter through to 40°+ in summer, designing a building facade that suited both environmental extremes was quite a challenge. But designer for this project was up to the challenge, and have managed to achieve an effective & striking solution through the creative use of anodised Esprence | series panels. Fixed directly onto the striking matt-black cladding, these aluminium fins in various widths maintain the eaveless building design for maximum solar benefit during winter, yet effectively shade the glazing from summer sun. The results have been remarkably effective. Since installation, the overall comfort of the workplace has been improved, while heating & cooling costs have been reduced. The silver & matt black surfaces also respond in a striking way with the changing light, creating a stunning range of beautiful tones & textures throughout the day. This building has also become an architectural statement in Molong!


Esprence | series 184/45, 334/45 & 484/45 quad sunshade panels
Colours Natural Anodised.


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