Swaged Grille | Series

Swaged Grille | Series

Made from high quality aluminium, swaged grille sunshade or ventilation panels are strong, lightweight, require minimal maintenance and when used as sun shading have no need for external drainage systems. Unlike many other sun control systems, they can also be engineered for access, making them an ideal choice over glazing by allowing easy access for window cleaning or as external balconies for minimalist developments.

Swaging however is a process by which solid load bars (passing through punched holes in the blade) are slightly deformed by machine press to allow them to tightly grip the blades and hold their position in the total panel structure. QS Industries swaged panelling utilises a square hole & load bar system as opposed to the more traditional round. This method has allowed them to reduce torsional twisting and provide a very stable panel, especially in situations such as open rooftop service areas where panels are designed to be self-supporting in all sorts of weather conditions.

Available in the Knoxe | series straight grating or the Civic | series or Civic Trafficable | series louvre panels, QS Industries grilles and grating are a great new solution for a wide range of ventilation, protection, access or sun-control projects.

Swaged Grille | Series Possibilities

Sunshades & Screening

Whether battened or flush to a building surface, swaged grilles provide effective solar control, high levels of privacy and a smooth visual surface, while allowing maximum through-air benefits. Available in a range of sizes & finishes, they are a lightweight and cost effective solution for many residential, industrial & commercial applications.

Access Walkways & Balconies

In addition to the benefits outlined above, sunshade & screening grilles can also be engineered to provide effective access walkways and platforms, and high-level security options. This can be utilised for a variety of applications including secure plant room linings, roof access or external window cleaning.

Internal Ventilation

For large scale residential or commercial developments, swaged aluminium grille and grating are the perfect solution for air-conditioning plants or internal ventilation air transfer. Able to be manufactured in a range of panel sizes & colours, these panels are lightweight, easy to install and require little maintenance.