Sentrii | Series Wall Guards

High End Protection – Easy to Install

QS Industries Sentrii | Series X50 & X100 wall spikes are a security product that combines a razor sharp interlocking security grid with a simple screw-lock base, making new or retrofitted applications a simple process. The units are supplied in standard 1.0m lengths in a natural anodised finish. End caps are also supplied to cleanly finish the installation and prevent rainwater access into the base.

Purposeful yet attractive

When compared to traditional solutions such as roll-formed sheetmetal, razor-wire or bird spike products, these profiles not only offer longevity, functionality and a sense of security, but also a form more suited to high-end applications.

Available in X50 and X100 (50mm & 100mm centres)

Whether for a private residence or industrial applications, Sentrii | Series wall spikes can be easily integrated due to their clever sizing and dynamic design.

Sentrii | Series Possibilities

Infrastructure Protection

Provide a barrier against entry or protection against grafiti for drainage, bridges, walkways or commercial buildings.

Residential or Apartment Security

Keep your family and possessions safe with the judicious application of Sentrii | Series products on fences or walls.

Commercial Security

Protect machinery, products or vehicles on display outdoors by incorporating these products into your showroom area design.