Quad | Series Blade Profiles

Introducing the NEW 75mm Esprence profile…

The Esprence | Series is a modern, streamlined solution for sun control & architectural expression. Only one of the fixed quad-profile sunshade louvre systems in our range, it can be arranged vertically or horizontally and thanks to our new channel mounted clasp bracket system, now at any angle as well, making it a truly versatile system. The Esprence | Series can be fixed into an opening, mounted on wall brackets to cover a window or made incorporated into a sliding panel. And with the addition of our new 75mm Esprence section, a greater range of width options are now available.

The Fineline | Series…

New to the QS Industries fold, the Fineline | Series brings a narrow 20mm box section, aero edge profile & end cap to the range. Offering a visually lightweight appearance yet extensive sunshade capabilites the Fineline | Series brings a whole new range of possibilities to the application of quad sunshade products.

Mounting Options

A modern, streamlined solution for sun control and architectural expression, fixed quad-profile sunshade louvres can be arranged vertically, horizontally or in any variety of creative ways.

They can be fixed into an opening, mounted on wall brackets to cover a window or made incorporated into a sliding panel.

Available in sizes from the 125mm Mascot | Series through to the 840mm Glade | Series fixed blade panels are available in a choice of powder coated colours, anodised or timber grain effects.

Quad | Series Profiles

Name Code Width Depth

Aalto 72/19 72mm 19mm

Fineline 300/20 300mm 20mm

Fineline 450/20 450mm 20mm

Aeroline 300/20 300mm 20mm

Aeroline 450/20 450mm 20mm

Aerostream 300/20 300mm 20mm

Aerostream 450/20 450mm 20mm

Mascot 150/25 150mm 25mm

Esprence 109/45 109mm 45mm

Esprence 184/45 184mm 45mm

Esprence 259/45 259mm 45mm

Esprence 334/45 334mm 45mm

Esprence 409/45 409mm 45mm

Esprence 484/45 484mm 45mm

Esprence 634/45 634mm 45mm

Esprence 784/45 784mm 45mm
Esprence 809/45 809mm 45mm
Esprence 934/45 934mm 45mm

Norfolk 167/45 167mm 45mm

Norfolk 317/45 317mm 45mm

Norfolk 467/45 467mm 45mm

Glade 240/75 240mm 75mm

Glade 440/75 440mm 75mm

Glade 640/75 640mm 75mm
Glade 840/75 840mm 75mm
Glade 1040/75 1040mm 75mm

Hayman 320/75 320mm 75mm

Hayman 600/75 600mm 75mm

Quad | Series Mounting Systems

C-channel F-channel
Supports 45mm & 75mm depth for
panels under 634mm wide
Supports 45mm depth for
panels over 634mm wide

Clasp Bracket
Supports 25mm and 45mm panels at any angle required.


Quad | Series Possibilities

Horizontal Quad Panels

With a range of mounting brackets & joining options available, horizontal fixed blade panels are a highly versatile product. They can be mounted as single or multi-group panels above window or door openings, wrapped around building edges or installed in large panel sections. A variety of profile sizes allow for varying degrees of shading, dependent on aspect & climate.

Vertical Fixed Blade Panels

Mounted in a vertical arrangement, fixed blade panels not only provide highly effective sun-shading and interesting visual contrast to more traditional vertical louvres, but can also help reduce the amount of dirt, spray or animal refuse collected in problem areas. They can be manufactured in panels, installed directly into openings or joined in together long lengths to create architectural features.

Inset Louvres or Screening

Whether mounted horizontally, vertically or on the diagonal, straight or angled, quad sunshade profiles are ideally suited for all reveal-fit louvre, screen or safety panels. Apartment complexes in particular can benefit from this type of application to provide balcony privacy. Those using stairways & walkways can also be effectively protected by multi-storey quad sunshade panels.

Creative Panel Uses

In many circumstances, fixed blade panels can be utilised for creative architectural visual treatments. Retro-look fins, large scale mesh or honeycomb facade treatments and multi-story textural elements have all been developed using our quad-profiles louvres. Especially for commercial developments, the opportunities for expression are only limited by your creativity!