HBO+EMTB have made creative use of both laser cut & perforated aluminium panelling in this application.

Public facilities can present a challenging brief. Intensely practical, often with tight budgetary constraints, they can at times be perceived as creatively limiting. But this startling facade solution by HBO+EMTB has turned this notion on its head. A lightweight steel framework supports a range of geometric & custom laser-cut perforated aluminium panels which provide effective temperature control plus efficient airflow. Powdercoated in four striking colours reflecting the eucalypt foliage of the nearby mountains, the visual impact is undeniable, transforming this public facility into a genuine work of art.


Custom Laser | series Aluminium perforated panelling
Colours Utriva Titanium Pearl, Precious Copper Pearl & Ultriva Gold Pearl Powdercoat and Natural Aluminium.


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