Custom Laser | Series

Custom Laser | Series

The sky is truly the limit when it come to creative architecture using custom laser cut aluminium or steel panelling. An ideal solution for providing visual advantage to industrial building facades, feature screens, landscape developments or public facilities, the scope for shape, tone, texture and colour is almost unlimited. Panels can be blended with custom concrete effects for a highly effective street-scape statement.

Whether in steel, aluminium or stainless steel, laser cut perforated panelling is a highly versatile product. It can be curved, folded and joined in a wide range of ways, supplied in stand alone sheets or manufactured into complete sunshade units or stackable sliding door panels. While available in a wide range of cost effective standard perforation shapes & free-air ratings, it can also be custom designed to suit your project requirements. All panels can also be anodised or powder-coated in a wide range of modern colours.

Custom Laser | Series Possibilities

Urban Design

Liven up an empty wall, walkway, fence, sound barrier or tilt-slab with custom feature panels. These can be mounted in a variety of ways & supplied in an extensive range of powdercoated or anodised finishes. They can also be built as free-standing units, making them ideal for signage or landscape features.

Branding & Interior Signage

Create an brand statement with custom interior screens or panels. Whether to break up an open plan office space, separate service areas or simply create a backlit masterpiece, consider how custom laser cut aluminium panels can create more brand awareness in your office or factory complex.

Privacy Screening

An ideal solution for privacy or decorative screening in cafes, alfresco areas, gardens or carports. Or screen unsightly areas such as garbage bin storage. Can be supplied in sheet form, retro-fitted into existing structure, provided with stand-alone framework or as sliding door assemblies.