Aero | Series Blade Profiles

Aero | Series Blade Profiles

Often referred to as elliptical louvres, QS Industries Aero | Series louvres provide a stylish & modern sunshade solution to any architecturally designed building, with their aerodynamic look and weather shedding ability.

Available in sizes from the 45mm Kenthurst | Series through to the 600mm Hayman | Series the aerodynamic design of elliptical louvres is a safe & quiet option for sliding shutter panels, window & balcony awnings, infill panels and balustrades.

Aero | Series Profiles

Name Code Width Depth

Kenthurst 45/11 45mm 11mm

Greenwich 90/14 90mm 14mm

Terrace 91/21 91mm 21mm

Portland 150/29 150mm 29mm

Hixson 200/40 200mm 40mm

Kurmond 300/50 300mm 50mm

Stradbroke 430/55 430mm 55mm

Hayman 600/75 600mm 75mm


Aero | Series Mounting Systems

Tab Mount Screw Mount Snap Cap Mount
Suits profiles
300mm & larger
Suits our 90, 150
& 250mm profiles
Suits our 90mm
Greenwich | Series Profile

Clasp Bracket Mount
Can be manufactured to any fixing angle.
Available to suit our 90, 150, 200, 300, 430 & 600mm profile series.

Adjustable or Fixed Louvre Mounts
Fixed rail systems utilise our 150 & 200mm profile series.

Adjustable or Fixed Sliding Louvre Panels
Adjustable or fixed sliding louvre panels utilise our 90mm Greenwich | Series profile.

Aero | Series Possibilities

Drop-in Awning Panels

Manufactured as a complete panel with included separate wall-mounted brackets, elliptical louvre drop-in panels are an ideal solution for retrofit sun shading. They can be mounted onto a variety of building substrates, and have great solar control benefits due to the ability to customise the width of the panel, the angles of individual blades and the height above openings, allowing them to be fully customised to suit the dwellings aspect, climate and usage.

Sliding or hinged panels

Available with fixed or adjustable blades, sliding or hinged shutter panels are the perfect solar control or privacy solution for apartments, townhouses or homes in more built up areas. Unlike blinds or curtains, shutter panels prevent solar radiation from entering through gazing, greatly reducing heat build-up within the interior. They can also be slid, stacked or folded away when not required, making them perfect for opening up balconies or alfresco when not required.

Fixed louvre panels

Mounted within a solid or sliding frame or utilising a variety of angled clasp brackets, fixed elliptical louvre panels are the ideal solution for directional shading issues. Depending upon the mounting angle, fixed panels can be designed to reduce solar ingress or providing privacy from specific directions or narrow viewing angles. They achieve this while maintaining all of the light & breezeway benefits provided by large areas of glazing or open-air.

Adjustable window louvres

Ideal for offices, commercial buildings or over large areas of fixed glazing, adjustable window louvres can be arranged vertically or horizontally and adjusted either manually or by motorised actuator. They can even be controlled via thermostat, operating when room temperatures reach a certain level. With their narrow profile, elliptical blades are ideal in this usage as they have minimal impact upon the view or free-air when opened fully.