Once again proving that size, shape or location is no barrier for good architecture, the designers of this mixed retail / residential redevelopment in Earlwood have used a combination of bright colours, creative thinking and a timber-look aluminium blade screen to really set apart this ‘back blocks’ development.

As if the triangular block with wide street frontage and the narrow access lane down one side was not difficult enough, the site was made more challenging by the required access for neighboring shops & residences across the rear of the site.

Not to be put-off, this cantilevered design maximises the internal space available for the upper level apartments, while the Villa | Series 100/16 slats in a Cherry timber-look finish soften and visually ‘ground’ the rear of the building while maintaining the required access, while also providing some much welcome privacy for the occupants.

On the main roadside facade, Greenwich | Series fixed screen panels, powdercoated in Eternity Pewter Pearl, provide a more traditional (yet no less effective) approach to ventilation & sunshading. All of which goes to show that you can’t always judge a building by its shopfront!


Villa | Series 100/16 Aluminium sunshade blades
Colour Cherry Timber-look Powdercoat.

Greenwich | Series 90/14 Aluminium Elliptical Louvre Panels
Colour Eternity Pewter Pearl Powder coat.


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