Keep the Heat out of the Electricity Debate

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Save electricity by putting shades over your windows to shade you from the sun in summer and allow the sun in in winter

The cost of electricity is a hot topic. From Saving to Solar – everyone is keen to know how to keep the cost down.

So what can you do to reduce your power bill?

One of the best ways to save electicity is to keep the heat out of your home using QS Industries Australian made, aluminium sunshades and ventilation systems like the Aero and Quad series blade or the Swaged Grille Grating

As seen on ABC News

“Earlier this month, data from Carbon + Energy Markets (CME) MarkIntell found Australian residential customers were paying the highest electricity prices in the world.

When asked for tips on reducing power bills CME director Bruce Mountain said”I think insulating your house to decrease the amount of energy you consume in heating and cooling is a good thing to do,”

“Putting shades over your windows … making sure your house has an eave to shade you from the sun in the summer and allow the sun in in the winter [and] orienting your house to the north” he said

QS Industries is passionate about helping save electricity and reducing the carbon footprint. To find out more contact us on 1800 687 688